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Hot Tub Health Benefits

Weight Loss

The body reacts strongly to the healing powers of a warm bath of water. Some health and wellness experts tout the benefits of yoga poses, muscle extensions, and other water exercises to help burn calories in your Indianapolis hot tub.

Reduce stress, anxiety, and muscle tension.

In-home spa have been scientifically proven to improve quality of life in many ways.If not managed properly, stress can cause a range of problems from mental instability, increased blood pressure, lactic acid buildup, and general fatigue.

Hydrotherapy and Hot Tubs

Hydrotherapy (otherwise known as hydropathy) uses a variety of water temperatures and pressure to alleviate illness or pain. It involves more than simply soaking in a warm tub. The powerful, deep massage of a hot tub has a variety of uses and amazing benefits.

Reducing blood pressure

Hot tubs relax the circulatory system by improving blood flow. The body temperature increases from the hot water, so the body's ADP and ATP resources aren't being used for heat regulation.

Hot Tub News and Information


Buying a Used Hot Tub Can Save Big Bucks — But Be Careful!

When it’s time to decide what kind of spa you’ll be installing in your backyard, you’ll find a substantial amount of used hot tubs on the secondary market. Based on your budget and desires, sometimes buying a second-hand spa makes the most sense. But is it really a wise investment?

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The Health Benefits of a Hot Tub

There is much to be said about the benefits of using a hot tub for therapeutic purposes. Sure it’s a great way to kick back and get some enjoyment out of your backyard, but can it really improve your body?
At Hot Tubs of Indianapolis, we understand the benefits that go along with putting a spa in your backyard.

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Take Advantage of Your Hot Tub the Last Weeks of Winter

Even though you’re freezing cold, sometimes putting yourself in a warm state of mind can warm you up quick. Here are a few helpful tips to ensure your hot tub is staying up-to-snuff in these last few chilly weeks of winter.

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