May 25, 2016

If you’re the kind of person who loves relaxing in a spa but also likes a good swim, we here at Hot Tubs of Indianapolis have good news. You don’t have to tear apart your beautiful backyard and install an expensive lap pool AND a hot tub — you can simply install a swim spa and accomplish both.

What are swim spas?
swim_spaSimply put, a swim spa is a machine that allows you an uninterrupted swim in a contained environment. You’re able to do laps in a small, confined space against a generated current. You’re also able to turn off the wave generation mechanism to relax and enjoy a well-maintained spa, complete with seats and resting areas.

Why a Swim Spa?
Less Space
If your backyard is limited by usable pool space or you don’t want to tear up the beautiful landscaping you already have, a swim spa might be perfect for you. To visualize the size of a swim spa, it really varies. But to estimate, it’s about the size of two hot tubs next to each other. You’re able to put it above ground, as well, meaning it’s not always permanent (even though you’ll love it so much you’ll wish it was!)

We alluded to this before, but a swim spa allows ample room to take full strokes — everything from backstroke to freestyle to butterfly — without feeling claustrophobic. Plus when you’re done, you can turn the heat up and chill out on the other end with adequate seating and cup holders — all the amenities a regular hot tub would entail.

Home Fitness
What’s more annoying than swimming laps at the gym and sharing it with a stranger? Plus commuting to the gym, public locker rooms and spending monthly fees just to maybe get a lane to yourself — all of it can be beyond frustrating. With a swim spa, the convenience of a home gym and the health benefits of swimming are available without having to leave the house.

Thanks for reading, and be sure to contact Hot Tubs of Indianapolis for your hot tub and spa needs!